Canvassing Countdown

We are now well into our first week of being able to knock on doors again and talk directly to people, albeit from 2 metres away while wearing a mask! However, despite the constraints, to best represent communities I believe it’s really important to do what I can to connect with people and find out what the important issues are for them. Some information can be gleaned from attending meetings of each parish council (I’m still trying to find a way to entice more members of the public to attend) but engaging with people while out and about in the community feels more natural to me. And it has been great having such an experienced and well-known team around me – thank you Susan van de Ven*, Jose Hales* and Peter McDonald* for all your support and laughter. Special thanks also to Claire Turner for her calm and unflappable presence even when I was trying out my trusty ‘Shark Stick’ as a tool for selecting and handing over leaflets without using physically touching them!

There’s now 8 weeks until 6th May 2021 aka Election Day so I’m looking forward to making contact before then with as many people as possible in Melbourn, Meldreth, Shepreth and Whaddon in order to hear your feedback and ideas. If I don’t knock on your door, please feel free to send me a message via my website Contact form or FaceBook.

If you’d like to register for a postal vote, please visit – the deadline to apply to vote by post or amend an existing postal vote is 5pm 11 working days before polling day (which would be Wednesday 21st April by my reckoning). Anyone can apply for a postal vote, and you can choose to have it on a permanent basis or for a specific election/referendum.

* Facebook links:
Susan van der Ven
Jose Hales
Peter McDonald