An audience with …

Susan van de Ven & Jose Hales

On reflection, it has been a fun and educational first few weeks of campaigning and canvassing on a ‘hopeful road’ to being elected as a District Councillor for South Cambridgeshire. I really enjoy feeling part of a team, especially one that recognises and celebrates individual differences and enables everyone to utilise their strengths. I also like meeting people and listening to what’s important to them – definitely been a bit trickier to do standing 2 metres away and wearing a mask! However, one of the things that doesn’t appear to have changed is the need for people to talk and tell their stories, often based on experiences from a long time ago. I always feel privileged if someone chooses to share these with me especially during a ‘doorstep conversation’. I also enjoy being asked questions and feeling confident enough to acknowledge I don’t have all the answers.

One question keeps popping up and relates to the structure of local government and the different roles and responsibilities of Parish Councils, District Councils and County Councils. So, while waiting for people to join this week’s Zoom Cuppa Surgery, I invited Jose Hales and Susan van de Ven to answer some questions. Thanks both for ‘risking on purpose’ by agreeing to the recording and hopefully clearing up some of the confusion 🙂

PS As far as I’m aware, Susan has never practised martial arts!!!!